Are Thee A Yellow Belly?

March 29, 2020

Today has been make my own sausages vol 2. My love of Lincolnshire sausages began a long time before I met my wife. She grew up in the city and would tell of the best butcher to buy authentic sausages was Curtis’ in the old market hall.

I always preferred sausages and she was bacon. I was HP and she was Heinz Ketchup, she was salad cream and I am mayo, so the contrasts go on. I remember our first breakfast as a married couple. It was a sort of buffet affair and we ordered extra of our favourites then swapped with each for the rest; my bacon for her sausages.Getting the balance right is what a good any good recipe is about, whether it be dinner or a lifetime together.

My outing into sausage making wasn’t a disaster but didn’t live up to my high expectations. Having done
more research it would appear I may have followed bad advice. Finding a simpler recipe for Lincolnshire sausages I followed precisely what the author recommended. Making a kilo of sausage meat from 700g of pork shoulder (fat on, rind off), 150g bread, and 150ml of water. Seasoning followed a 4-3-2 as in 4 teaspoons of Sage, 3 teaspoons of Salt, and finally 2 teaspoons of white Pepper.

Using the Hog casting, I have cracked sausage production 😉