Forbidden Fruits

March 11, 2021

The story of the expulsion of the first man & woman from paradise has at its heart desire. A year ago I was taking a “Boris Break” – the 30 minutes of local exercise the Government encouraged during the first Lockdown. I had chosen a bike ride along the deserted streets of the town. Whilst stopped at a level crossing I overheard a conversation between 2 neighbours. One said “I can’t wait until we can come and go as we please… mind you I didn’t go anywhere before!”

In a nutshell the human condition. Liberty to do or not, but the second that is removed, boy do we crave it. In the Garden of Eden, or Burry Port 2021, if you are told ‘no’ then the wanting exceeds the needing.

Diets are usually the first place we go to when we think denial. Our strength is measured by how long we can hold out. “Falling off the wagon” is inevitable, what we should be thinking is how far do we fall or better still – avoid the being on ‘that particular wagon’. Simply put – not being in the place where you are craving. Time to get creative.

A treat a lot of the women in my life enjoy is a “Cream Tea”. Sam loved them, Nettie’s go to treat, & of course, Claire does. The great debate is jam or cream first. No comment!

Here’s the M&S guide to a cream tea, fruit scone 15 1/2 SYNs, 2 tbsp Strawberry Jam 4 SYNs, & 2 tbsp Clotted Cream 9 SYNs. 28.5 SYNs. Almost 2 days worth of evils in one sitting!

Now there’s no way on earth I would order that for myself. Sitting next to or opposite my guest, at a table, in a crowded coffee shop, being saintly avoiding the rich, sweet, creamy, treat, watching every crumb being consumed, the background rumble silenced, finding difficulty keeping focus on the conversation, as all thoughts are on the one thing I said no to. Did you feel that? Did you fill my shoes then? Yes we’ve all had times when we had to say ‘no’ for whatever reason – all the time wishing we’d said ‘yes’.

Here’s TheLatestSupper solution to the problem. Begin with my ‘Bara Brith’ recipe, add reduced sugar jam & fromage frais. Basically add some sweetener and a splash of balsamic vinegar to fromage frais and whisk until fluffy.

No more cravings and to be honest, these are much tastier than traditional scones.


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