The cherry on the top

April 25, 2020

By request I am sharing this blog entry with you. As a preamble, I have been filling my days during the COVID19 lockdown performing my day job within government, taking each day the opportunity to exercise, avoiding all forms of face2face contact whilst via social media helping to keep spirits high. I have also been taking time to enjoy my own brand of therapy which as many of you know is, baking. Putting together parcels where possible for those who need a ‘pick me up’ and also supporting both local independent businesses and our local food bank.

I recently delivered parcels consisting of Chocolate muffin, Pecan and Coffee cupcake, Luscious Lemon fondant, and my own recipe, Cherry Bakewell muffin.

Being some what of a crowd pleaser, here is my Cherry Bakewell muffin/cupcake recipe.

Pre-heat the oven to 180C.

For 8 cakes you’ll mix together equal amounts (115g or 4oz) of sifted self-raising flour, unsalted butter or baking marg, & caster sugar. Add 2 medium/large eggs, 1tsp baking powder, & 1tsp Vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly on a slow processor setting and when all comes together as a rich batter, add 3tsp of almond flavouring and 60g/ 1/2 cup of ground almonds.

Decant into muffin cases filling to approximately 3/4 deep, and bake for 30 minutes. Check for a clean skewer and set aside to cool to room temperature.

Taking a circular apple corer, make a hole in the centre of each cake. Fill the hole with your favourite jam. I chose my own plum conserve I made last autumn. Fill leaving a gap for a glacé cherry.

Having plugged the hole with the cherry it’s time to add some icing to the top. I did cheat here and used some “Betty Crocker” Vanilla ready-made icing. You really don’t need a lot of this stuff. Its way too sweet and although stored in the cupboard not the fridge, the stuff is akin to almost set cement. If you have a piping bag great, if not a sandwich bag or freezer bag will do. Place a good couple of dessert spoonfuls into the bag and make sure the open end is sealed. You may want to use a cup or a glass as a stand. Place the bag in the microwave and blast it for 20 seconds (no more!!!).

From cement to flowing water, that’s the difference 20 seconds makes. The next step is the messy part and you have to be quick. Snip off a tiny piece of the corner of the bag and start covering as fast as you can.



Allow the icing to cool and enjoy your very own Cherry Bakewell Muffin/Cupcake.