The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

May 12, 2018

My Latest Supper played out like the plot of Sergio Leone’s ground breaking spaghetti western including New York Jews masquerading as Mexican Bandits (Eli Wallach). Yes bad foods masquerading as healthy and the ugliest lie of the late 20th Century when we all gave up dairy and fats and embraced the wonders of the carbohydrate.

The Good still isn’t sure of who it is just like Clint being “the man with no name”! I’m referring to that British necessity, the green salad. Is it good? Has it any nutritional value? Does anyone care as long as there’s lashings of mayo, salad cream and coleslaw.

Shop bought vegetarian quiche, green salad and Jersey Royal potatoes (boiled with garden mint then added a knob of butter a grind of black pepper and splash of fresh lemon juice), yes the highlight was the spuds.