Are we there yet?

May 12, 2018

There’s an old joke that says “if you don’t smoke you don’t drink and you don’t have sex you don’t live any longer it just seems a lot longer.”

Unfortunately we all have known someone whose life was cut short or someone who when they passed it was said “it was a blessing”. Eating healthily and exercising regularly had little to do with how they left this world, arguably it is true that the former have a little impact on the longevity of our lives.

However life is a journey and how we travel leads us to conclude whether our voyage was pleasant or not. For example, a recent flight landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule, served a tasty coffee, the flight attendants were really pleasant and helpfully; all positives whereas the landing was the hardest I’ve endured as a passenger. I concluded on balance it was one of my best travel experiences.

So how does that impact on lifestyle? What insight can we realise and take on board? Eating sensibly and exercising regularly will not make us live longer – fact! Eating rubbish food, drinking a bottle of whisky a day and being glued to the sofa will most definitely shorten our lives. There are too many variables such as disease or accident that can shorten our lives.

Eating well and keeping active help us to enjoy the journey – allowing us to smile when it’s time to align not frown muttering “thank God that’s over!”

For further information regarding getting the balance please contact a true inspiration Keri McKibbin