Cazuela de campo

May 2, 2018

Another day on the beautiful Costa del Sol and another opportunity to try my hand at Spanish cuisine. Having a limited larder to work with isn’t necessarily a problem. I have spicy pork sausages, chorizo,  garlic, mushrooms, celery, baby swede, baby parsnip, baby, turnip, celery, bell peppers, carrots, onions, leek, tomatoes and potatoes. Vegetable oil, red wine, and oregano and some rather nice cheese.

So I wanted to create a Spanish style county dish (campo). Taking the sausages I baked them for 20 minutes before adding a little oil to a pan and flash frying chorizo, peppers, garlic, onions, and tomatoes.

In a casserole pan I added carrots, more onion, parsnip, swede, turnip, celery, and leeks, and allowed to simmer.

When the sausages had finished baking, I had them to the fried chorizo and veg pan with a generous amount of oregano, red wine,  and pinches of salt and black pepper.

In an oven proof dish I placed chunky potatoes covering with a drizzling of oil, more oregano and shavings of Malvarosa cheese before roasting for 30 minutes.

Finally I transferred fried pan to the casserole pan adding some stock granules and reducing the heat to a simmer whilst waiting for the potatoes.


Despite the limited kitchen, my dinner guest has requested a repeat…Buen provencho