Let’s Rock!

May 4, 2018

A day trip to Gibraltar would be better entitled “When Worlds Collide”. Very much like Malta it is the¬†quintessential enclave of the embers of what was the British Empire. Unlike Malta, Gibraltar remains British. Don’t let the crossing a frontier and having to produce your passport fool you. Neither allow yourself to be fooled by the currency. Its pounds but Gibraltar pounds. Its duty free – yes for booze and fags but you’re only allowed 200 cigs and a litre of spirits, however everything else is more expensive than the UK with the exception of petrol at a mere 95 pence per litre.

So I bought gin for 4 quid a litre and managed to food shop at M&S. Leaving it was all about “Anything to declare” – “Yes I’ll be back… if only for the gin!” Seeing so many cigarettes on sale for pennies did create temptation within which lasted all of 50 nano seconds. Trust me a nano second is a long time when you have your plastic out.

The people are mostly ex-pat Brits, Spaniards and Asians. Yes we nation of shopkeepers have taught the world well. The alleged best “British Fish ‘n’ Chips in Gib’ made me want a McDonalds yet they managed a half decent ‘caffi con leche’. My partner in crime commented the scampi was good and plentiful. I merely watched as the baking sun robbed me of my appetite.

All in all its an experience, being British yet today I was a European – border checks, customs yet somehow it was a show, a facade of what was or as we enter uncharted Brexit waters, a taste of what’s to come!