I wish I was a curtain!

May 29, 2019

A counsellor once asked me, “when did you last do something for you?” I scraped around for an answer. All were rejected as being “for others”. I talked at length about elaborate meals and table settings. Choosing the right drink to compliment the food. She pressed “do you do that when you’re on your own?” I replied with an emphatic “no” which left me wide open for the retort, “why not?”

Feeling not quite myself, I set about a course of action to bring some balance back to my universe. I visited my favourite barber. Nothing helps like a short back and sides. Next came the usual meet, greet and sweat at the gym. Stronger than Prozac and quicker than Anadin Extra; a visit to the gym does honestly make my day.

Arriving home it was time to cook. Sitting at table and a three course meal to enjoy. I had chosen Canarian cuisine; a Spanish omelette with garlic toast; garlic mushrooms tapas style; and finally Adeje chicken with Canarian potatoes with Mojo Tinto & a side salad.

Sitting at the dinner table I served myself and surprisingly I found that, even though, I had not eaten all day, apportioning my food as though I had company, ensured I ate less than a loaded plate in front of the TV.

The moral of the story is, the Lord helps those who help themselves! There are no easy answers, merely difficult times. How we deal with the moment is the cure. Not dealing with emotions and situations is the cycle to be broken.