Pests & Fowl

October 6, 2018

Looking for a tasty Saturday night dinner I head towards the Med.

Chicken & Pesto with roasted Tomatoes served with either cooked pasta or medley of roast vegetables makes for a filling tasty main.

Butterfly chicken breasts and fill with pesto, surround with cherry, plum or salad tomatoes (halved), drizzle over olive oil and season. For extra touch sprinkle over the chicken grated cheese (person choice but I prefer without).

Vegetable Medley can include sweet potato, carrot, garlic, peppers, celery etc again drizzled with olive oil and a scattering of mixed herbs, or basil or my favourite Italian herbs.

Roast for 45 minutes until he chicken is cooked and the tomatoes have shrivelled. Add some Parmesan before serving. Smegg’ Lush!