Asso Asso Yogoshi – Me Welsh Speaking Japonee!

February 15, 2022

My Valentines is a special if somewhat different menu. I’ve seen quite a few supermarket mega deals for steak and chips followed by some sort of decadent dessert.

To be perfectly honest- Most guys wanting to treat their partners  will venture for the fool proof. And why not? Life isn’t always supposed to be hard. For myself I’ve chosen a different approach but not more taxing than cooking the perfect steak.

Sushi is the signature dish accompanied by teriyaki noodles. I’m cheating with the noodles whilst still keeping the sins to a minimum.

So what is sushi? The common stereotype is raw fish. Well that’s like calling a roast dinner burnt meat. The word sushi translates as “sour Rice” or “vinegar rice”. Sure fish can feature in the dish so can vegetables, and cooked meat.

Another ingredient is seaweed sheets which bind the rolls of rice together. Seaweed used in Japanese cuisine is similar to Dolmades in Grecian cuisine. Instead of seaweed, vine leaves are used to secure the rice.

To make sushi start with cooked rice. Short grain rice, couscous  or  quinoa (Kin’wah) are all suitable substitutes if you cant source sushi rice in the supermarket.

Measure the rice: usually in cupfuls with equal amounts of water laced with rice wine vinegar or white wine vinegar, and caster sugar.

Cook the rice over a low heat until the liquid is absorbed and the rice has puffed up.

Taking a lined baking tray, scatter the rice allowing it to cool at room temperature.

Have a finger bowl of water, vinegar and sugar on standby.

For fillings, choose between strips of spring onion, celery, cucumber, carrot, prawns, tuna, smoked salmon, or pieces of chicken, ham or beef, and so on.

If you’ve not invested in a sushi making kit, simply dip your fingers into the sweet-and-sour water and make a ball of rice in the palm of a hand, then wrap a strip of cucumber or salmon around.

Use clingfilm to make a roulade of rice with flavoured centres. Allow the rolls to rest in the fridge before unwrapping and cutting.

Sushi portions usually have a SYN value of 1/2 SYN per portion. This is because of the addition of sugar.

You can create quite interesting flavours by making, for example, teriyaki mayo. Mayonnaise, a splash of soy sauce and some chilli powder mixed together; makes for a wonderful accompaniment.

Serve your sushi with soy or Oyster sauce. Ass naked noodles teriyaki noodles at 2 1/2 sins per 78 g serving to complete your Japanese feast.


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