Love is in the Air

February 15, 2022

With the arrival of the 14th February, I decided to cook much like many men for their significant others. The 12th we enjoyed a dinner of sushi and for the Sunday we dined at our favourite Greek restaurant. Wine and dined upon a feast for the eye and tongue.

Helping ‘the men’ out are our supermarkets. Offering deals inclusive of all the basics to make a dinner. The usual suspects are steak and chips, followed by a chocolate based pudding, and even throw in a bottle of wine, for that extra sophistication.

As tongue in check as the prospect was, I decided to join my neanderthal brothers by hanging up my apron and rolling pin, and donning a loin-cloth and club.

I said tongue-in-check, as I prepared 3 courses. All with an eye on the SYN factor. I had already gone mad at ”Nik the Greek’s” – but its so blooming good! Mmm – back to the story. For my starter I really fancied a soufflé, the savoury kind. In my imagination I saw a side plate adorned with some salady decor surrounding a couple of eggy monoliths, accompanied by wholemeal mini pyramids of toast. Yes poncy ”egg on toast” for starters. I say poncy because these soufflés had mushrooms, ham, spring onions, garlic – all neatly chopped, covered with beaten egg. Placed in a muffin tin and baked for nearly 40 minutes.

Drizzle a little smokey sauce and you’ve a light starter which your guests won’t see coming.

For the mains, I decided upon simplicity. Two airfryers and a microwave kind of simplicity. Potatoes chopped with skins on in one airfryer – dry not even a hint of oil. In the other, a nice piece of rump sans fat, and skillfully butchered as not to give away the fact it was intended as a portion for one! Accompanied by a medley of cauliflower and sprouts. You either love or hate these. I tend to be the lover, it is after all Valentines.

No need for sauces or any other SIDs (SYNs In Disguise eg anything with mayo!!). The steaks placed on the lowest shelf of the airfryer for 14 minutes yielded a juicy steak with a nice pink centre. A definite ”medium” I would say. Not bad for the guy who loves rare! But then again it wasn’t about me.

Such a tasty meal needed something complimentary in the beverage department. Water is always a good choice, especially if comes from grapes and has been through the fermentation process.

Alas, it was time for dessert. A dish which I could only partake of to a point. A Brûlée. Melon, apple, grapes and tangerine pieces mixed in a bath of fat free Greek yogurt & balsamic vinegar fusion, topped off with sugar and heat that would make glass melt. Well for one of us, I decided my glucose levels were already creaking after the weekend despite my attempts at atonement; fasting, gym and the like.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, anything we do for others is an expression of love. In a world of hurt, greed, fear and evil; it is reassuring to celebrate what we have. Maybe we should do it a lot more often!


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