Take It Easy

February 15, 2022

Take it easy or ”shift” as mother would say, described a meal that although tasty and filling, didn’t require a lot of preparation and was by no means, elaborate.

After a couple days of sophisticated(ish) dining, I was ready for the easy life. Enter the CoOp freezer deal. About £15 of frozen food for a fiver – bargain! Chips, pizzas, chicken nuggets and an ice cream. Definitely ticking the box of a ”shift” supper. Only one drawback. It maybe light in the pounds sterling department, however, I think I’ve gained 4lb just thinking about it.

Another add complication is the flavour of said Italian (Welsh) rarebit – it is a good make but ”simply cheese” isn’t inspiring enough for me to ditched the diet for an evening, even though I have fasted, husbanding my SYNs. At this point the original concept of ”take it easy” left the scene quicker than an official who had been named at a BBBB (Boris’s Banned Bugger-it Bash)!

Chorizo meatballs, pepperoni slices, tomatoes, and inventive use of Babybels, all came into play together with a Italian Herbs and a good grind of pepper.

How to off-set the evil, tempting doughy delight? Enter the speed foods! I will refrain from some sort of narration akin to the opening titles of ”The A-Team” or ”The Professionals”. Suffice to say these bad boys can handle themselves and SYNs.

Red Slaw I spied with my little mind’s eye. A grater’s paradise of beetroot, carrot, red onion, red cabbage, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar. Add some more veggies and I am sorted, Mush!

Then I spied in the fridge and fell to the ground in a pastiche of Charlton Heston at the end of ”The Planet of the Apes”. I realised I had ’started’ two cucumbers! Overcome with guilt for my decadence, I immediately began flogging myself – metaphorically speaking. Then by the power of the gods of Olympus, came the epiphany – Tzatziki.

More gracious grating – the cucumber disappeared quicker than a lesser royal and a certain ’little black book’. Joining in, 2 cloves of garlic, some mint and salt. Oh yes, I was going to enjoy my ”easy night”.

Next came the downside. I started asking myself ”what kind of fool” had I been? One of the other voices in my head replied, deafening me with a shout of ”STRAWBERRY”!

Armed with a trio of the frozen kind, sugar free jelly of the same, and more fat Greek yogurt, I set about making my SYN free Strawberry Fool.

On a dark, dismal, and depressing Tuesday night, I was rather glad I ”took it easy”!


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