Nadolig Llawen ~ Feliz Navidad ~ Merry Christmas

December 21, 2018

Chris Rea’s “Driving Home for Christmas” is the exemplar describing the commute home to share this wondrous season with loved ones.

Young & old travelers are united by the stages of the journey. I am sat watching hundreds of families, and solo travelers trying to make it to wherever they need to be.

The Christmas story isn’t about traditions made. In fact I chuckled to myself the other day when I read a poster suggesting the reader makes “new traditions”. Admittedly I don’t find a visit to a ‘Coke Truck’ or having the latest Costa coffee concoction as traditions. Being with loved ones for a meal – a special meal that celebrates the coming hope for this world, well that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

The first Christmas involved a father to be, with his still single partner, traveling home so that he could be registered. Yes traveling home so that he could be taxed. His betrothed, heavy with child.

Wise men, shepherds, soldiers, Kings, all want a piece of this baby except there’s no room anywhere.

A tradition was started, traveling home to be with people who have no room for the original story. So when an obese old guy in a scarlet tunic comes calling; when you’re fighting over the last stalk of sprouts in the supermarket despite everyone hating them; when you’ve brought back more than you had at the office party; consider this, Roy Wood and Wizard sang “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” – not gingerbread lattes and cola cans, not “Happy Holidays”, not Turkey curry, cawl, risotto, pizza, pasta etc; but thinking and trying to be at peace with all for just ONE day… Nadolig Llawen, Feliz Navidad & Merry Christmas.