Shriving Again – Pork Pancakes

February 16, 2021

Failure is not falling down,

but refusing to stand up.

Chinese Proverb

As Shrove Tuesday arrives, this evening’s dinner was a departure from the norm. Pancake Tuesday when I was a ‘wee nipper’ involved lemon juice and sugar. As I matured I was introduced to the heresy of putting warm cherries and ice cream inside a folded pancake – I lit my torch and summoned the village folk for an olde fashioned exorcism, that is, until I tasted this wonderful dessert.

Did you return home from school to feast upon “Findus Crispy Pancakes”? I never questioned that these delicacies, though savoury, were pancakes – failing to be stodgy, lemony, or sweet, but crunchy and moreish – my Waterloo was the mince beef.

For Shrove Tuesday 2021 I present “Chinese Pork Pancakes”.



  • Pork steaks visible fat removed
  • Carrot shredded
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Chinese 5spice
  • 1-cal spray


  • 60g Plain flour
  • 75ml skimmed Milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1-cal pray


  1. Mix the flour, milk and eggs to form a batter. Then rest until required.
  2. Cut the Pork into strips and place with 2tsp of 5Spice in a zip bag and massage until the meat has a good covering of spice.
  3. Shred the carrot with a Julienne peeler. No peeler – no problem! Use a potato peeler to make thin strips.
  4. Heat a wok with a spray or 2 of 1cal and fry off the pork until cooked. Transfer to a serving dish and drizzle Hoisin sauce.
  5. Medium heat for the pancake pan – whether you are using a non-stick shallow frying pan, a dedicated crepe hot plate or Mamgu’s “Planc”, a generous spray of 1cal then add a ladleful of Pancake batter. Turning over as you see bubbles forming.
  6. Pancake yield is 6

Serve the pork with the carrot in the pancake for a different Shrove Tuesday. I am being multi-cultural because Chinese New Year was on the 12th & Shrove Tuesday is 16th February this year.

If you’re SYNing your food then you’ll need to know, the filling is FREE and the Pancakes are 2 SYNs each. If you have kept your SYNs then you could have a good old fashion ‘pig out’ – which is the true meaning of Shrove Tuesday.


Pancake Roll


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