Breakfast Sausage roll

March 11, 2023

Most cuisine have some sort of spicy offal at their hearts. The humble sausage has long been a stable go to peasant dish along with stews and grains. Whether Gofio, porridge or semolina cereals made with water or milk, or the pottage variations of Cawl, Spetzofai, Goulash or the faggot, haggis, or chorizo – food around the world derives from the basic elements of plants, animals and water.

The humble sausage roll isn’t just a mundane or British affair despite what certain bloggers will have you believe. Remove the big boys like Greggs and the supermarket cold mass produced puff pastry disappointments; and you’d be fooled into thinking there’s nothing left.

Quite on the contrary my dear reader. Never overlook what can be found in the aisles of the most rationed supermarket – ingredients.

Here in Burry Port we blessed with 3 outlets where you can get your sausage roll fix.

Jenkins the bakers offer warm traditional sausage rolls. Puff pastry encapsulating a sausage meat layer. Very satisfying in a carb and fats kind of way and ideal winter morning jumper leads to start the metabolism.

Step around the corner at 9am and you’re in for a very different experience. One I found eye-poppingly different. The one that your taste buds will thank you for. Nik the Greek hand makes sausage rolls in the Greek style. Yes they aren’t English (like the Elgin Marbles) they are Greek.

Frankfurters with tomato and mustard based sauces are baked to perfection in a light puff pastry. Although the tastebuds cry out for more unfortunately the stomach will have other ideas. These bad boys are very filling and easy on the purse.

That’s 2 out of 3 outlets. The 3rd is our local CoOp where you can purchase all the ingredients for an extra special and very different sausage breakfast roll.

Say hi to my breakfast Spanish style tortilla sausage roll. Eggs seasoned with salt pepper and a little ground garlic are mixed with a splash of milk and leaf coriander. Thinly chopped sweet peppers are added to the eggy batter. I chose as a sausage vegetarian ones as they hold their shape better and have a superior flavour. Of course meat sausages can work but cook well to drain as much fat beforehand.

Add the sausages to a deep rectangular (biscuit bar) shaped pan. Cover with batter and finish with sliced mushrooms and folded chorizo slices.

Bake at 220c for 25-30 minutes until the egg is formed and practically slides out of the tray.

These are a full breakfast in one!


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